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Unit One必会习语

1.What is sb. like?
What does sb. look like?
What does sb. like?
How does sb like/find sth?
2. argue with sb. about sth 因…和某人争执
3. enjoy/hate sth/ doing sth
4. so / nor/ neither + 系动/助动/情动 + 主语
So it is with...; It is the same with...
5. be into 对…深感兴趣 =be interested in; have/show interest in
5. be fond of 喜欢 care for; like; enjoy;
6. surf the internet 上网冲浪
7. all the time 一直 总是
8. imagine that...; imagine (sb/sb’s) doing sth
imagine sb to be 想像某人是
7. cast away 抛弃
8. so…that…/such…that… 如此…以致…
He was so excited that he could not speak.
So excited was he that he could not speak.
It was such a lovely day that we decided to go outing.
It was so lovely a day that we decided to go outing.
It is amusing that such little birds eat so much food.
9. the Pacific Ocean; the Atlantic Ocean;
the Indian Ocean; the arctic Ocean;
10. survive the crash 在空难中幸存
11. a deserted island 荒岛
12. all alone 独自 = all by oneself
区别: alone 单独的;独自的 lonely 孤独的;寂寞的
13. hunt for 搜寻 寻找 search for;
12.make fire 生火
13.in order to 为了 so as to; in order that; so that
14.even though/even if 即使,纵然 as if / as though
15.treat…as/like… 把…当作 regard...as...; think of...as
16.share sth. with sb. 与…分享 share (in) sth 分享
17.care about/for 关心,照顾,喜欢
care to do sth 愿意做;care for sb to do sth 愿意某人做
care + 从句 愿意;介意
18.should have done 本来应该 =ought to have done
19.make friends with 与…交朋友
20.such as 例如 for example;for instance
21. keep...as a pet
22. regard ...as...; treat...as; think of...as; consider...as/to be
23. be loyal to; be faithful to;be devoted to 忠诚于
24. be quick in mind and action 思维敏捷行动迅速
25. have fun; enjoy oneself; have a wonderful time
26. drop me a line 给某人写短信
27.keep…in mind 把…记住 learn...by heart; remember
28.in error / by mistake 由于错误或疏忽
29.tie up (one’s hair) 扎起来 do up
30.run into 偶然遇见; 遭遇;与...相撞
come across; meet by chance; happen to meet
31.be proud of 以…而感骄傲 take pride in
32.run a restaurant 开餐馆 start a restaurant
run a business 做生意
33.skip classes 逃课
33.keep an eye on 照顾; 注视;stare at 盯着看
34.make fun of 取笑某人; laugh at
35. It is possible (for sb) to do;
It is possible/probable/likely that...
Sb. + is (most) likely to do sth.
Sth. + is probable
36.be curious about 对…感到好奇 be curious that...
have the curiosity about
37. have problems with 在... 有问题
38. even if you are thousand miles apart即使你们分别在几千英里
39. despite = in spite of 尽管;不管 regardless of

Unit 2 必会习语

Warming up
1. for the first time 第一次;首先 at first; first of all
2. have a good flight (坐飞机)旅途愉快
3. all the way 一路
4. at all (否定:根本; 疑问:到底; 条件:竟然)
above all 首先;首要的 after all 毕竟; in all 总共
5. make oneself at home 不拘束, 别客气
6. There you are. 你来了。 Here you are. 给你。

7. all around the world 世界各地 throughout the world
8. the majority of 大多数的 the minority of
9. in total; in all; altogether 总共
10. the number of …的数量 (large; small 谓语动词单数)
a number of 一些; 许多
11. except for 除了...之外; 要不是
except 除了...都; besides 除了...还;except +从句
except (除去)指在整体中除去行为未发生者 (不包括在内)
except for (除了有…之外)指在一个整体中除去其中某个或某些因素,前后两个名词性质不同。
except that (除去;除掉) 后接从句,还有except when, except what; except where等
besides (除了…还) 包括在整体之内
but (除了...之外) 和except 同义,与否定词或疑问词连用
11. communicate with sb. 与...交流,联络
12. have a good knowledge of 对...很熟悉; 通晓

GRAMMAR 祈使句间接引语
Ask sb (not) to do sth 请某人做/不做某事
Tell sb (not) to do sth 让某人不做某事
Order sb (not) to do sth 命令某人做/不做某事
13. help sb. with sth 在某方面帮助某人
help sb do sth; help do sth; 帮助
assist sb with sth; assist sb to do sth;
assist in doing sth. 协助某人做...
14. stand still 站着不动; stay still; lie still
15. leave the door open 让门一直开着
leave the light on 让灯一直亮着
leave sb doing sth 留置/听任...保持...(做某事)的状态
leave... done 留置/听任...保持...(被...)的状态
16. turn down /up the radio  把收音机声音关小/开大
turn up 出现 turn down 拒绝
turn off / on 关掉/打开
turn in 上缴; turn out 结果是;被证明是
17. stay up 熬夜; 不睡觉

Integrating skills    
18. come about 发生;happen; take place; break out
19. There is no quick answer to this question.
20. in the same way 用同样的方式 in different ways 不同
in this way 这样 in no way 决不
in the way 挡道;妨碍 out of the way 不挡道
in a way 在某种程度上;在某一点上
on the way 在路上;即将发生
by the way 顺便说/问一下;
by way of 经由;经过  
21. stay the same = remain the same. 保持不变
22.at the same time 同时 =meanwhile
23. end up with 以...(形式)告终 begin/start with
end in failure 以失败而告终     
24. more or less 或多或少
25. have difficulty/trouble in doing sth  做某事有困难
26. a great many; many a; a great number of (可数)
a great many factories 区分 a great many of the factories
a great deal of; a large amount of; (不可数)
a large quantity of; large quantities of; plenty of; lots of        
27. bring in 带来; 引进 bring out 出版;生产;揭露
bring about 引起;导致 bring up 抚养;培养

29. shut up 闭嘴
30.pass away 去世
31.promise sb to do sth 答应某人做某事
promise that...
make a promise
32.make a decision 做出决定=decide
33. marry sb; 与某人结婚 get married to sb
be married to sb
34. at least 至少 at most 最多
35. a little bit 区分:a little; a bit; a bit of; not a bit ; not a little
36. chat on line 网上聊天
37. stay in touch =keep in touch with sb.= keep track of
get in touch with; 取得联系 lose touch with 失去联系
38. because of 区分 because
thanks to 多亏了 as a result of 由于...的结果
due to 由于,因为 owing to 由于;因为
39. not only... but also.. (用于句首时,前句倒装)
Not only did Xiaohua learn a lot of English from her Canadian teacher, she also became very interested in Canada. (前句倒,后句不倒)
Not only the students but also the teacher doesn’t understand this sentence. (并列主语,不倒装,谓语就近一致)
40. as many as; as much as 和...一样多
as many books as as much money as
His son is as naughty a boy as he used to be when he was young.
41. in the name of 以....的名义

Unit 3必会习语

1. consider ...( as/to be)... 认为...是
consider sb to have done 认为某人做过某事
consider it +n./adj. for sb to do sth
consider doing sth 考虑要做某事
consider +疑问词 + to do sth 考虑...
consider that从句 认为;考虑
in consideration of 报答;由于
take ...into consideration 顾及,考虑到
under consideration 在考虑中,在研究中
2. means of transportation/transport 交通方式
Every possible means has been tried, but none worked.
All possible means have been tried, ...
by all means 不惜一切 =in all ways
by this means 用这种方法 =in this way
by no means 决不; 一点也不=in no way
by means of 通过, 借助于 = by
3. in time 及时;早晚;总有一天 travel in time 在时空中旅行
on time 准时 in no time 马上;立刻
at that time 那时 at times 有时
for the time being 暂时的
4. prefer sth / to do sth / sb to do sth 更喜欢;较喜欢
prefer doing A to doing B 宁愿做某事
prefer A to B; 喜欢A 胜于B = like A better than B
prefer to do A rather than do B 宁愿做A 而不愿做 B
5. in space 在太空 in outer space 在外部空间

6. get away (from) 摆脱; 离开
break away from 脱离 get rid of 去除
7. more and more 越来越…
8. instead of 代替; 而不是 (区分:instead)rather than
9. try doing 试验做 try to do sth 努力去做;试图作
manage to do sth = succeed in doing sth 设法做到了某事
attempt to do sth; make an attempt to do sth 企图做某事
10. get close to 靠近; 接近
11. experience life 体验生活 experience C.n 经历 U.n.经验
12. take exercise 进行锻炼 have sports; do sport
exercise C.n 练习题 (pl) 体操 U.n 锻炼
13. go for a hike = go hiking 去徒步旅行
14. watch out (for...) 留神; 提防
15. protect… from/against … 保护…免受…
16. be careful (not) to do sth 小心(不)做某事
be careful about 注意
be careful with 小心;
17. as with ....也一样 as to / for 至于;关于
18. think about 考虑 think of 想到,想起
think over 仔细考虑 think out 想出
19. go rafting 去漂流
20. unless = if not 除非...否则...
You should not go rafting unless you know how to swim.(条件)
You must not get off the bus until it has stopped.(时间)

How are you getting to the airport?
My plane leaves at seven this evening.
21. go on separate holidays 分别去度假
22. in a few days’ time = in a few days =a few days later 几天后
after 和 in 的区分
23. go off to ; be off to 动身去 leave for;
24. see sb off 给某人送行 meet sb 接某人
25. take a taxi to 乘出租车 go to ...by taxi
26. have a nice / pleasant trip/journey 祝旅途愉快
27. say “Hi” to sb. for me 代我向某人问好
give my regards to sb
remember me to sb.
28. The same to you. 我也祝愿你。
对比: It’s the same with... ...也一样
It’s all the same to sb 对某人而言是一样的。
I have the same pencil bag as yours/ you have.
29. in the past 在过去 in the old days
30. at present 目前; at the present time; nowadays
31. in the future 在未来;将来 in future 以后
32. used to do sth 过去常做某事
be used to do sth 被用来做 be used for (doing) sth
be used to sth/doing sth 习惯于 get used to doing

33. combine…with… 把…和…结合起来 (为了共同目的合并)
connect...with/to... 把...和...连接起来 (通过媒介物连接)
join...to... (直接连接)
34. on (the) one hand… , on the other hand …
一方面…, 另一方面..
35. so that = in order that 为了…; 以便…
36. learn about 了解; 学习有关…知识
37. as well as =and 也; 又;以及 as well = too
38. by doing sth... 通过作某事 by means of doing
39. make money 挣钱; 赚钱 earn money
40. the four of you 你们四个人
four of you 你们其中的四个人
41. prepare ( sth) for... 为…做准备... get ready for
prepare sb for sth 使某人为某事做好准备
be well prepared (for); 为...做好了充分的准备=be ready for
make preparations for 为...做准备
42. make notes 做笔记 take notes
43. take off (飞机)起飞;脱掉(衣帽鞋)
44. go on holiday 去度假 go to (a place) for a holiday
45. fill…with… 给…充满… be filled with; be full of 充满了
46. the way (in which/that) + 定语从句
the/a way of doing sth = the/a way to do sth 做某事的方法
47. catch up with 赶上 keep up with 跟上;不落后
48. reach out (for sth) 伸手去(拿,碰)
49. pay attention to 注意
focus one’s attention on
call /draw/attract one’s attention to 吸引某人的注意力于

50. give away 赠送, 放弃, 泄漏(机密)
give up 放弃 give in (to sb) 屈服
give out 分发;发出(光,热,气,味等)
give off 发出(光,热,气,味等)
51. come up with 提出;想到(主意);

Unit 4 必会习语
1. talk about 谈论; 议论 talk with sb; talk of 提到
2. host the 2008 Olympic Games 举办2000年奥运会
3. take place = come about; happen 发生
4. be caught in (a rain; a traffic jam; the earthquake)
5. create a dialogue = make up a dialogue 编对话
6. play tennis 打网球
7. for fun = as a joke 开玩笑的;不是认真的;为了取乐的
8. I hope so. I hope not.
9. shout /call for help 呼救
10. go on (a) holiday 去度假 go to...for a holiday
on holiday 在度假
11. on fire 着火 catch fire 着火;set fire to=set...on fire 纵火
make fire 生火
12. I’m afraid of +n. 害怕
I’m afraid that... 担心
I’m afraid to do sth 不敢做某事
I’m afraid of doing sth 害怕做某事
I’m afraid so. 恐怕是这样
I’m afraid not. 恐怕不会。

13. a natural disaster 自然灾害
14. hear/see sb. doing sth 听见/看见某人正在做某事
hear/ see sb do sth 听见/看见某人做过某事
15. look around 环顾; 四处看
16. advance towards 朝…前进
17. before +从句 还没来得及...
18. be upon 逼近; 临近
19. sweep sb down 把...冲到了
20. drag 拖拉(重物);(比较艰难缓慢,有阻力)
drag oneself along 拖着沉重的步子走
pull 拉;扯 (应用范围比较广)
pull a tooth 拔牙 pull the door open 拉开门
pull at 拉扯 pull up 拉起来;拉上来
draw 拉(比较从容、平稳不费力)
draw one’s attention 吸引注意;draw a conclusion 得出结论
draw back 后退 draw money from bank 从银行取钱
draw near 就要来临;逼近
21. get on one’s feet (艰难的)站起来 get up; stand up
22. hold on to 抓住
23. pull up 拉起来; 拉上来
24. against the wall 倚着墙
25. fight for 为…而战 struggle for 为…而斗争
26. look into 往…里面看; 浏览; 调查
look into one’s eyes 注视着某人 stare at; fix one’s eyes on;
look sb in the mirror 照镜子
look sb up and down 上下打量某人
20. with a look of fright 害怕的; 恐惧的
21. around the corner 即将来临,on its way; draw near;
in store
22. cut down 砍倒;削减 cut up 切碎 cut off 切断
cut in 插嘴;加塞 cut out 删除;剪下来 cut away 剪掉
23. three meters deep 三米深 three metres in depth
a three-meter-deep hole = a hole of three meters deep
24. sweep away (风) 吹走; (浪) 卷走;
sweep down 吹倒; 席卷; 冲倒
25. work out 计算出;想出(办法);制定(计划);
work at 从事;致力于 work on 继续工作;从事于
26. refer to 指的是; 谈到;提到;查阅
27. strike,普通用词,“打一下;打几下”,不一定有意;“敲钟”。 hit,“击中,打,对准”,着重敲打或打击对方的某一点
beat,连续的打击; 如殴打或体罚等;游戏竞赛战争中击败
knock 敲;打 ;撞击
27. advance the deadline 提前最后期限;
28.pull at/on 拉一下
29. seize an opportunity/chance 抓住机会 = grasp/take/grab...
chance 可能性 U.n. & C.n
There is a chance/no chance of sb doing sth
that 从句
The chances /chances are that... 可能...
by chance 偶然
30. (区分:pay; cost; spend; take)
sb pay money for sth
sth cost sb money
sb spend money on sth; sb spend time/money in doing sth
It takes sb time to do sth
31. in town 在城里 in the country(side) 在乡下
go to town 进城 go to the country(side) 下乡
32.take a photo of sb / sb doing sth 给…照相
33. in a second = in a very shore time
34. a two-day trip 一次两天的旅行
35. the next morning 第二天早上
36. on the morning of April 18th, 1906
37. as a result of 由于…的结果 as a consequence of
34. A +动词/be + ten times larger than+B 比…大十倍
A +动词/be +ten times as large as+B 是…的十倍
A +动词/be +ten times the size of+B 是…的十倍

Unit 5 必会习语
1. while still a student = while she was still a student 还是个学生的时候(状语从句的省略现象)
(you) Don’t talk while (you are) eating.
When (he was) asked how he gained first place, he suddenly
became cheerful.
The boys will go out to play football whenever (it is) possible.
I won’t go to his birthday party unless (I am) invited.
2. play/act a role 扮演角色
play the role of...
play a part/role in... 在...中起作用
3. after graduating/graduation (from...) 毕业以后
4. work as an actress 做演员
5. during/in the 1980s 二十世纪八十年代
6. win a prize 获奖 win a game/a battle/honour
beat/defeat sb 打败某人 win sb. 把某人争取过来
7. get married (to sb); 结婚(瞬间)=marry sb.
be married (to sb) 结婚(延续)
7. in the beginning = at first 开始的时候
反义;in the end = at last; finally; eventually 最后
8. make money 赚钱 earn money

9. make a film /blockbuster/follow-ups 拍电影/巨片/续集
10. The reason……is that….. 原因是…
This is because... 这是因为...
for this reason ; for some reason; for some reasons
the reason for +n./doing sth
the reason why/ for which... 定语从句
reason 与 cause 的区别
cause of the fire/accident
11. work on 从事于; 制作
12. take off 起飞;脱掉;很快上升; 开始流行/畅销
13. by the sea 在海边; by sea 乘船; in the sea 在海里
on the sea 在海面上 at sea 在海上;航海中;茫然
14. be afraid to do sth 不敢作某事
be afraid of doing sth害怕做某事
be afraid that 担心;恐怕
15. come from outer space 来自外部空间
16. cut/tear…into pieces 把…切/撕成碎片
cut/tear ... into halves 把...切/撕成两半
17. do research (in/into...) 搞研究
18. go wrong 出错;出故障;走错道 do a little wrong
19. in the end 最后;终于 at the end of在…末尾/尽头
by the end of 到…末为止
19. meat-eating dinosaurs 食肉恐龙
20. owe sth to sb. = owe sb sth 把…归功于;感谢;欠(债)
21. can’t help doing sth 情不自禁, 忍不住做某事
can’t help do sth 不能帮忙做某事
22. pass the exam 考试及格 fail (in) the exam 考试不及格
23. a thirteen-year-old girl 十三岁小姑娘
a girl of thirteen years old; a girl of thirteen years of age;
a girl aged thirteen
24. stay/be away for a month 离开一个月
25. take one’s place; take the place of 代替
26. lock …up 把…锁起来
27. run after 追赶; 追求; 追捕 be after
28. escape (from)... 从...逃离
escape from / flee (from) /run away from a country
escape doing sth ;
escape being caught 没有被抓住
catch sb doing sth; be caught doing sth
29. run away from school 逃学 skip classes
30. determine to do sth;make up one’s mind;decide
be determined to do sth 决意/ 决心做某事
31. go to town 进城 in town 在城里
go to the country in the country
32. on the air 正在广播; 播送 =be broadcast
go on the air 开始广播 go off the air 停止广播
in the air在空中; (消息等)在传播, 悬而未决的
by air = by plane
33. live adj 活的(动物); 现场直播的; adv. 以实况的
living adj 活着的; 有生命的;现行的(前置定语;表语)
alive adj 活着的, ( 后置定语; 表语)
a living language 现行的语言
the greatest living poet 当代最伟大的诗人
a live fish 活鱼
the live gala on New Year’s Eve 直播的新年除夕晚会
the only man alive 唯一还活着的人
34. all the other pupils 所有其他学生
35. together with 和…一起
36. in one’s own words 用自己的话 in other words 换句话说
37. make comments on / make a comment on 对…发表评论
38. give one’s opinions about 对…发表意见
39. think highly/well of =speak highly of
40. encourage sb to do sth
39. lead to + n. 通往;导致 result in; cause sb to do sth
lead sb to do sth 导致某人作某事 lead to sb doing sth
lead sb (in) doing sth; 带领某人做
lead sb + 介词短语
40. make/earn a living 谋生
41. at a high /low price 以高/低价
42. make a decision 做出决定
43. accept one’s apology 接受某人的道歉
apologize to sb; make an apology to sb. 向某人道歉
44. break down 出故障; 坏了;分解 break up 拆散
45. at full / high speed 高速 at a speed of 100 miles per hour
speed up 加速 speed by 飞驰而过
46. the World Cup Final 世界杯决赛
47. think highly/well of 对…高度评价 speak highly of
48. observe / obey the law 遵守法律 break the law
49. give sb a second look 再看某人一眼
50. make a fool of sb 愚弄某人 = fool sb.
51. turn out 结果变成
52. depend on / rely on 依靠, 依赖
53. stand by sb 支持某人 support sb /take sb’s side
54. meet with 遇见
55. encourage sb to do sth 鼓励某人干某事
56. lead the life of a real princess 过上真正的公主生活
57. make one’s career 在事业上有所成就
58. be clear about 对…清楚
59. combine ….with…把…和…结合起来
60. compare…with…把…和…比较
compare...to... 把...比作...
compared to/with 与...相比
Compared to men, fewer women smoke in China.

Unit 6 必会习语
Warming up & Speaking
1. apologize to sb. for sth/doing sth 因…向…道歉
make an apology to sb. for sth/ doing sth
2. mean + n./doing sth 意思是;意味着
mean +n. /to do sth/ that-clause 打算;意欲;有…的意图
mean sb to do sth. 打算(使/让)某人作某事
He meant no harm to you. / He meant you no harm.
He means his son to become a doctor.

Table Manners At A Dinner Party
3. for the first time “第一次” (作状语)
the first time “第一次”(相当于连词引导时间状语从句)
This is the first time that…. “这是第…次作某事了” (从句中用完成时)
On that day the scientist took us to the lab for the first time.
The first time we met, she wore a pair of glasses.
This is the first time that I have been here.
4. make / leave / create a good impression (on sb)
留下好印象 impress on sb
5. be impressed by/with 对...留下印象
6. drink a toast 祝酒 drink to+n. 为...干杯
7. start with = begin with 以…开始
end up with 以…结束 end in failure
8. keep silent 保持沉默
9. for a moment(一会儿); in a moment(过一会儿);
at the moment(此时); after a moment(过了一会儿)
for the moment(暂时); at any moment(随时)
10. at the table 在桌前 at table 在吃饭
in the hospital / in hospital
in the prison / in prison /go to the prison /go to prison
in the church / in church / go to the church / go to church
go to the school / go to school
11.will 作情态动词,表意愿,决心,可用于if条件句中
You’d better not drink too much if you drive home after
the party.
He will come to see you if he has time.
If you will turn down the TV. There is really too much noise.
If you will read the book, I can lend it to you.
11. all the time 一直
12. drink to sb’s health / drink to sb.
13. raise one’s glass 举杯
14. take a sip 呡一小口
15. change over time 经过一段时间
16. follow the fashion of the day 跟随时尚
17. lay the table 摆桌子
18. serve the dishes 上菜
serve the people 为人民服务
serve in the army 服役
This restaurant serves Chinese food. (供应)

19. mix…with 把…和…混合 be mixed with
20. extra information 额外信息
21. leave out 省略
22. wish you all the best = best wishes for you.

Workbook Exercises
23. look forward to +n./doing 盼望;期盼…
24. stare at 盯着看
25. pay the bill 买单;付帐单
May I have the bill, please?
26. behave oneself 注意自己的言行举止 behavior
27. It is certain that… 肯定…
It is uncertain whether/when, etc….
Sb +be sure/certain to do sth 一定会做某事
Sb +be sure/certain about/of... 对...有把握
Sb +be sure/certain that... 相信...
Sb +be not sure/certain whether/what...
28. fairy tales 童话
29. belong to 属于 (不用被动、进行时)
30. direct the traffic 指挥交通
31. produce / make /generate electricity 发电
32. hang (hanged/hanged) oneself vt. 上吊;绞死
hang-hung-hung 悬挂;vi. & vt.
33. The Hope Project 希望工程

Good Manners in the World
34. communicate with 与…交流
35. shake hands with sb 和…握手
36. look right into sb's eyes/face 直视着
37. blow one's nose 擤鼻涕
38. in public 在公共场所 make ...public ; the public
39. think…to be… 认为…是…think of...as
40. at home and abroad 在国内外
41. give sb. some advice on sth / doing sth/how to do sth
take/follow sb's advice 听某人的劝告
42. lead sb to do sth 导致某人做某事 lead to sb doing sth
43. pay a visit to sb/a place 拜访,参观
call on sb / call at a place
drop in (on sb) / (at a place)
44. make jokes about 拿…开玩笑; 讲笑话
play a joke on sb ; have a joke about
have a joke with sb ; joke with sb 和...开玩笑
tell jokes 讲笑话
make fun of 取笑 laugh at 嘲笑;讥笑

Unit 7 必会词语
1. cultural relics/sites 文化古迹
2. in one's opinion 以某人的意见
3. Where there is a river, there is a city.
4. on the bank of a river 在河岸/畔
5. during/in one's lifetime;
in all one's life;
throughout one's life 在某人的一生中
6. look like something out of a fairy tale
7. in history 在历史上
8. under attack/fire 被攻击 (under=in the process of)
under arrest; under discussion; under construction;
under consideration; under control; under examination; under investigation; under observation; under repairs;
9. give in (to sb) 让步,屈服 give up 放弃
give out 发放; 发出(光;热;气等);用尽
give off 散发(光;热;气) give away 抛弃;捐赠
give over 转交,移交=hand over
10. in ruins 废墟 bring…to ruin 使…变成废墟=ruin sth
come/go to ruin=fall into ruin 变成废墟
11. lie in pieces on the ground 成为碎片撒了一地
12. We will do everything/all/what we can to save our city.
13. It seems (to me) that…;
It seems as if …;
There seems to be…
S. + seems/seemed to...
14. bring…back to life 使…复苏, 使…苏醒
come back to life 复苏; 苏醒
15. with the help of = with sb's help 在…的帮助下
16. including sth. / sth. included 包括…在内
区分:include 和contain
This album contains 30 maps, including three of China.
17. look out over the city 俯视这个城市
18. come true 实现 (realize one’s dream)
come easy/right/loose
19. Strong, proud and united, the people of St Petersburg are the modern heroes of Russia.
Cruso returned home, full of fear.
The policeman put down the telephone, satisfied with a smile on his face.
I went to bed, hungry.

19. over a period of 150 years 经过150 年
19. change one's mind 改变主意
20. in men's table tennis singles / doubles event
21. pull down 推倒;拆
21. send up 发射 send for; send out;
22. set up 成立; 建立;found; put up; build
23. turn/change…into… 把…变成
24. keep the same look 保持原貌
25. so far = up till now 到目前为止

26. make + 宾语+宾语补足语 使的…
make + 宾语+ do sth =sb be made to do sth
+ n.
+ adj.
+ done
make one's voice heard ;
make oneself known/understood

27. provide / supply sth for sb = provide sb with sth. 给…提供
offer sb sth = offer sth to sb
28. be careful with 对…小心/认真
29. have much /little/nothing in common
30. be made up of 由…组成 consist of
31. settle down 定居 settle a problem
32. keep in touch with 与…保持联系 keep track of
get in touch with 与…取得联系
be out of touch with 与…失去联系
lose touch with 与…失去联系
33. bring down/up the price 降价/提价 v.t
go down /up v.i
34. put up a notice 张贴布告
35. the State Council 国务院

36. for several reasons 由于一些原因
37. all through the year = all the year round 一年四季
throughout the year
38. rise by 63 meters 上升了63 米
by 表示“相差程度”
39. as a result /consequence of 由于…的结果
40. date from = date back to 追溯于; 始建于
This temple dates from the Song Dynasty.
The temple, dating back to the Song Dynasty, will be pull down.
41. in danger 处于危险中; out of danger 脱离危险
42. be carved in rock 被刻在岩石上
43. make a plan for 为…制订计划
44. stone by stone 一块石头一块石头地
one by one
45. in all = in total =altogether 总共
46. be marked with 被标上…记号
47. Three Gorges Dam 三峡大坝
48. The Temple of Heaven 天坛
Unit 8 必会习语
1. the Olympic Games 奥运会
2. stand for 代表;容忍;支持/拥护;为...候选人
区分:represent 和 stand for
3. the Olympic Torch Relay 奥运火炬接力
4. the host city 主办城市
5. be worth + n. 值… sth.+ be worth doing …值得做
be worthy of + n.
be worthy of being done
be worthy to be done
It is worth while to do sth / doing sth
6. score 20 points 得20分 (v.)
a score of people 20人 two score of people 40人
three score and ten of people 70人
scores of people 许多人
注意:a dozen eggs 十二个鸡蛋 two dozen eggs
a dozen of these eggs 一打这种鸡蛋
dozens of eggs 许多鸡蛋

7. every four years 每四年;每隔三年
every fourth year 每第四年
every other year 每隔一年
every few years 每隔几年
8. take part in = join in = participate in 参加
attend 出席 join sb (in doing sth) 和某人一起做某事
9. compete in 参加(竞赛)
compete against/with 与…相对抗
compete for 为…而竞争
10. allow /permit/forbid sb to do sth 允许/禁止某人做某事
allow/permit/forbid doing sth 允许/禁止做某事
Nothing is permitted; everything is allowed.
11. in modern times 在现代 in ancient times 在古代
12. do /try one's best to do sth 尽力做某事
13. rank third/high/low 位居第三/排名高(低)
She ranks first in English study in our class.
people of all ranks 各个阶层的人
14. host the Olympic games 主办奥运会
15. light the torch 点燃火炬 (lit—lit; lighted—lighted)
He lit a candle and the lighted candle lit up the room.
16. in preparation for 为…做准备
prepare for 为…做准备
make preparations for 为...作准备
17. have a good / bad effect on …对…有好/坏影响=affect
have influence on=influence

18. tens of thousands of 成千上万
19. pay …( to sb) for sth 付钱给…买…
20. at the opening /closing (ceremony) of 在…开/闭幕式上
21. by hand 手工 with one’s hands
22. spend…on sth 在…花费(钱;时间)
spend….(in) doing sth 花 (钱;时间) 做某事
spend (time) +a place 在某地度过(一段时间)
23. more than = not only 不仅
More than fifty people attended the conference.
He dressed more than simply. 他穿着极为朴素。
We were more than pleased to hear of her coming.
He is more than a teacher to me.
She more than smiled, but laughed. (岂止是微笑,简直是大笑)
He is more brave than wise. (有勇无谋)
more than不仅 no more than = only 仅仅
Yao Ming has more than just size; he also has great skill and speed and he is a team player. (不仅)
He has no more than handsome look; he is neither wise nor polite. (仅仅)
not more than = less than 不超过;至多
no more than = only 仅仅
There is no more than ten yuan in my pocket. (只有)
There is not more than ten yuan in my pocket. (不到)
He is no taller/no more careful than me. (并不比...更)
He is not taller/more careful than me. (不如)
24. live one's dream =try to realize one's dream 努力实现梦想

25. set /give a good example to sb 为…树立好榜样
copy / follow the example of 学习/效仿...的榜样
26. the International Olympic Committee 国际奥委会
27. the spirit of the Olympic Games 奥林匹克精神
28. care about 关心
29. take up 占去(空间); 开始从事;拿起;
30. put on weight = gain weight 体重增加
lose weight 减肥
31. as follows 如下

32. even if 即使
33. hear about/of 听说
hear from sb 收到某人来信
hear that... 听说
34. I wish +从句 (虚拟语气;时态倒退一步)
I wish I were twenty years younger.
I wish I could make as much money as Michael Jordan.
I wish I had seen my favuorite movie star the other day.
35.deal with 对付;应付;处理;涉及;做生意
How did you deal with the rubbish?
What did you do with the rubbish?
36. shoot the ball into the other team's goal 把球踢入对方球门
Unit 9 必会习语
1.be used for 被用于… be used as 被用作…
2. It depends. 要看情况而定。
3. live life on the go 过着忙碌的生活
4. on the go 忙忙碌碌的; 四处奔走
5. make it possible for sb to do sth 使得某人做某事成为可能
6. throughout the world 遍及世界
7. more than 不仅, 多于;
no more than 仅仅; 只不过
not more than 少于, 不足
8. add to 增添;增加 add…to… 给…增加…
add up 加起来 add up to 加起来总共是
9. remind sb of/about sth 提醒某人某事
remind sb to do sth 提醒某人做某事
remind sb of doing sth 提醒某人已做过某事
remind that...
10.have an appointment with sb. 和…有预约
keep /break one's appointment 守约/违约
make an appointment with sb. 和…约定
by appointment 按约定
11. obey /break the rules 遵守/违反规定
12. agree (not) to do sth
agree that sb can/will do sth
agree with; agree to; agree on
13. dare not do = don't dare to do 不敢作…(同need)
14. take sth/sb away from… 把….从….带/拿走
14. stay/keep in touch with sb.; /keep track of
be in touch with 与…保持联系
get in touch with 与…取得联系
lose touch with 与…失去联系
be out of touch with
15. call for help 求救
16. in case (of an emergency) 万一; 以免
in case +从句 万一
17. do whatever he wants to do 想干什么就干什么
whatever 和 no matter what 区分
18. according to 根据
19. the negative/positive effect of ….的负面/正面影响

20. take over 接管
21. (in) the way that/in which… …的方法
The few surviving human beings are being used (in) the way (that) we use machines today.
22. break down 出故障
23. dream of/ about 梦见;梦想
24. fail to do sth; fail in doing sth 没能做到…
succeed in doing sth 成功的做某事
be successful in doing sth
25. force sb to do sth 强迫某人做某事 oblige sb to do sth
by force 靠武力
26. come up with 想到; 提出
27. take steps /measures/action to do sth 采取措施
28. look up the words in the dictionary 在字典上查单词
29. go for a job interview 去面试找工作
30. unite as one 团结一致
31. hand in one's homework 交作业
32. suffer a serious defeat 遭惨败

33. be based on 以…为基础
34. take …apart 把…分解 =separate
35. on the way 在路上 on one’s way to 在去...的路上
in the way 妨碍;挡道 in a way 在某种程度上
by the way 顺便问一下 (in)this/that way 这样
in the same way 用同样的方法
in different ways 用不同的方法
in no way 决不;一点也不
the way to do/of doing sth 做...的方法
the way (that/in which)定语从句
make one’s way to 朝...走去
all the way 一路上;从头至尾
by way of 经由;通过...的方法
way of life 生活方式
36. so far 到目前为止
37. We are still a long way from being able to do sth.
=It will take us a long time to be able to do sth.
38. It is possible (for sb) to do sth
It is likely/possible/probable that...
Sb is likely to do sth.
39. The more we know, the more we can imagine.
越..., 就越....
The more you listen to English, the easier it will become.
The longer you live in this place, the less you will like it.

Unit 10 习语必会

1.no longer; no more
1. There be… left 有…剩下
2. hunt animals for food 为得到…而捕猎…
hunt for 搜寻
hunt animals 狩猎
3. know of/about 对…了解
4. in danger 处于危险中 out of danger 脱离危险
in danger of 面临...的危险
endanger vt. 使...濒危;危害
endangered animals 濒危动物 become endangered
5. die out 灭绝; 消失
die away ; die off; die of; die from; die down
be dying for 渴望;很想
6. It follows that… 由此得出…; 可见…
People get sick because of air pollution. It follows that we must do something about it.
7. lead to 导致
8. take turns to do sth/ doing sth 轮流做某事
do sth in turn/by turns
9. act as 扮演 play a role of
10. an environmental expert 一位环境专家
11. keep/stop/prevent sb from doing sth 阻止…做…
keep sb doing sth 使...一直做...
keep (on) doing sth 坚持做某事
protect...from/against 保护...免受...
12. we don't do as we say. 我们言行不一。
13. ( take sb ) on a tour of... (带某人)游览...
14. have a bright future 用有一个灿烂的未来
15. harm sb/ do harm to sb/ do sb harm/ be harmful to sb
伤害某人;对...有害=be bad for
do good to sb/do sb good/ be good for/
benefit sb./be of benefit to 对...有好处/益
16. take measures/steps/action 采取措施
17. be used to sth/ doing sth 习惯于…
18. adapt to (改变以)适应 adapt oneself to 使自己适应于
adjust to (调整以)适应
19. become endangered 频临危险
20. the original species 原有的物种 species (单复数相同)
21. first of all 首先 at first; above all
22. make a big difference 大改观;影响大
23.If we know more about what causes endangerment, we may be able to take measures before it is too late. 如果我们能更多地了解致使生物濒危的原因,就能及时采取补救措施。
◘They are thinking of buying the house before the prices go up. 他们正在考虑趁房价未涨时把房子买下来。
◘If you don’t like the present job, I suggest you look for another one before it is too late.
◘He hung up before I could say a word.

24. devote oneself to sth/doing sth 致力于…
be devoted to sth/doing sth 投身于
a devoted friend / wife
25. at present 目前 at the present time
be present at 出席
26. explain sth to sb 向某人解释…=explain to sb sth
27. set…free 释放 =free
28. in the wild 处于野生状态

29.be careful with 细心;认真
be careful of/about 注意;留意
30. throw away 扔掉;throw about 四处乱扔
31. care about 关心 care for 喜欢;
32. go on a tour to 去…观光/游览
33. a large amount of (money) 许多(钱)
34. (translate) word for word 逐字地
answer point for point 逐点答复
对比:one by one; little by little
35. up to (1)正在做;从事于(2)大约; 多达
◘What’s he up to? 他在干什么? (常用作贬义)
◘I guess the fellow is up to no good.
◘The little boy can count up to twenty.
◘The students are allowed up to two hours to finish the test. 学生们有长达两小时的时间来完成试题。
◘It’s up to you to decide what to do next.
◘The success of this project is up to us.
36. become extinct = die out
37. keep…as a pet 把…当宠物养
38.common adj. 常见的; 共同的; 普遍的(侧重指共性;强调“非特殊性,非优秀性” 或 "不足为奇的"
usual adj 通常的;寻常的;惯常的 (多指”习惯性的,遵循常规的,一贯如此的" 强调时间角度。
ordinary 通常的;普通的, 也指普遍的,但不是因为大家所共有而普遍常见, 而是因为符合事物的正常法则及一般规律而十分普遍; 也可带贬义,指低于一般标准的事物或人。
popular 普及的;通俗的, 指为广大群众所接受或深受喜爱的
general 一般的;普通的; 指属于大部分人或大部分事物的属性, 因此是一般的,普通的,可能也包括了一些极少数的例外。
Unit 11 习语必会
1. a piece of music 一支曲子
2. Can you help me to decide what to buy?
3. What do you have in mind? 你有什么主意?
4. dance to (a song/music) 伴着(歌曲/音乐)跳舞
5. What can/do you suggest?
suggest sth
suggest (sb) doing sth
suggest that...
suggest +虚拟语气 (建议) insist +虚拟 (坚决要求)
suggest + 陈述语气 (表示) insist +陈述 (坚决认为)
6. Have you considered doing...? 你考虑过...吗?
consider...(as/to be)... 认为...是...
consider sb to have done sth 认为...做过某事
5. a musical instrument 乐器
6. musical styles 音乐风格
in style 流行的 out of style 过时的
7. have much/nothing in common with
8. along with 和…一起
9. a variety of 各种各样的 varieties of = various
10. pick out 挑出 choose; select
pick up; pick on; pick
11. The style is the man. 文如其人
12. the key to the classroom 教室的钥匙
the answer to the question 问题的答案
the solution to the problem 问题的解决办法
the entrance to the station 车站的入口
13. give/put on a performance 表演/上演节目
14. golden pen 金笔 gold necklace 金项链
15. a two-room house 一个两室的房子
a four-storey building = a building of four storeys/stories
16. make a record 录制唱片 set a record 创纪录
record a song 录一首歌
17. turn into 变成; 译成 turn...into; turn to

18. become more and more similar 变得越来越相似
19. make music one's career 把音乐当事业
20. on the other hand 另一方面
20. satisfy sb. 使得某人满意
be satisfied with 对…感到满意
be pleased with; be content with
satisfactory = satisfying; satisfaction
21. satisfy one’s inner desire 满足某人的内心欲望
21. make people feel easy 让人们感觉轻松/悠闲
22. forget about 忘记了

23. have a hit 风靡一时
24. over the past twenty years 经过了过去的20年
25.be common for 对...很普通的
25. think…to be…. 认为…是
26. turn to 转向; 求助于;翻到
turn writer 成为作家 turn 20 过了20岁
27. think well of (be well thought of)
=think highly of =speak highly of
= sing high praise for 对…评价很高
28. make fun of 取笑; 拿某人取乐
29. bring in 带来(收入); 引进(技术)
30. on their travels 在旅行时
31, in the open air 在户外
31. for free 免费
a free meal
He is free with his money.
All these books are given away (for) free/free of charge.
The old woman has never been free from pain.
You are free to do anything you like, within the law.
Unit 12 必会习语
Warming up & Speaking
1. match…with… 把….和….相配
2. action film 动作片
3. romantic comedy 浪漫喜剧
4. shootings and fights 枪战
5. at the art festival 在艺术节上/期间
6. magical power 魔力
7. magic tricks 魔术技巧
8. welcome to + n. 欢迎到…. Welcome home!
give sb a warm welcome 热烈欢迎
9. a world of magic and wonders 充满魔力和神奇的世界
10. a series of 一系列的
11. seem like =look like 看起来像
12. treat sb to sth 请某人(吃…) treat sb badly 虐待
treat ...as/like...
13. in trouble 在困境中
get into trouble 陷入困境
ask for trouble 自找麻烦 make trouble 捣乱
put sb to trouble 给人添麻烦
take trouble to do sth 不辞辛苦的做某事
14. do the right thing 做得对
15. come across
1. be understood;
He spoke for a long time but his meaning did not come across.
2. make an impression;
She came across well/badly in interviews.
He came across as a sympathetic person.
3. meet or find sb/sth by chance = run into
I came across some old photos in a drawer.
16. fight against 与…作斗争/打架/打仗 fight n.
fight with; fight for
17. believe 和believe in
believe in 信仰 (真理;宗教;原则)
信任= trust in;trust;have trust in
信赖=rely on
I believe him, but I don’t believe in/trust (in) him.
Do you believe in God?
believe sb/what sb said 相信某人(所说的话)
believe ...to be... 认为...是...
believe...to have done 认为/相信...做过某事
believe that... 相信;认为
trust that...
I believe/trust that you will join us. (trust比believe语气强)
I believe him to be an honest man.
=I believe that he is an honest man.
I believe him to have passed the exam.
=I believe that he has passed the exam.
I can’t trust that boy out of my sight.
18. grow up to be... 长大后成为...
19. share the same goal 有着共同目标
20.be strong in heart and mind 意志坚强,头脑聪明
21. whisper sth to sb 小声/悄悄给某人说
whisper sth in one's ear 咬耳朵
in a whisper 小声地
22. as if 好像
23. not all = all not 并不都
not every = every...not 并非每个...都
not both=both not 并非两个都...
...not all of them were safe.=...all of them were not safe.
Not both of the students are good at English.
=Both of the students are not good at English.
完全否定:None of the rooms are safe.
Neither of the students is good at English.
24. if only 要是…就好了
If only my mother were here with me.
25. be about to do sth when… 正要…这时…
26. turn around 转身
27. walk/run up to; go/come up to 上前去
28. go past 从...的旁边过去

29. play a trick on sb. 给某人恶作剧
30. apologize to sb for sth 向某人道歉
make an apology to sb.
31.(1) 摆脱…的习惯
get out of the habit (of doing sth) ;
get rid of the habit of
break off the habit of
(2) 养成…的习惯
get/fall into the habit (of doing sth)
form the/a habit (of doing sth)
(3) 有…的习惯
have the/a habit of
be in the /a habit of

32. TV series 电视连续剧
33. primary school 小学 elementary school
34. Attention, please, I have an announcement to make.
May I have your attention, please? 请大家注意啦!
35. run after 追赶;追求;追捕

36. be similar to 与…相似 the same as 和...一样
37. in other words 换句话说 in one’s own words
38. just like us doing what we do 就像我们做我们的事
=just as we do what we do
39. come (back) to life 苏醒;复苏;恢复生机
bring sb (back) to life 使...苏醒;使...恢复生机
40. in a way 在某种程度上
41. lose oneself in = be lost in 沉浸于; 沉醉于
Lost in thought, he almost knocked into a tree.
42. be eager/anxious to do sth 迫切地/渴望要做某事
be eager for/about/after 渴望得到
be anxious about 为...担忧;焦虑
long for 渴望得到 be dying for