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【苏教 译林版】牛津英语七年级重点短语归纳

1. a pen pal 一位笔友
2. be from=come from来自于
3.in the United States /the United Kingdom在美国/在英国
4.live in+地点 住在某地
5.what language 哪一门语言
6.Japanese for Kids 儿童
7.our world in English 我们的英语世界
8.her favorite subject 她最喜欢的科目
9.want a pen pal in China 想有一位来自中国的笔友
10.a very interesting country 一个很有趣的国家
11.a little French 一点[a little修饰不可数名词]
12.like going to+地点=like to go to+地点 喜欢去某地
13.go to movies with+人 和…一起去看电影
14.write to+人 给…写信
15.tell me about yourself 告诉我关于你自己的事情
16.post office邮局
17.near here =around here在附近
18.on busy Central Street 在繁忙的中央大街上
19.across from对面
20.next to 紧挨着,隔壁
21.on Eighth Avenue 在第八大街上
22.in the neighborhood 在附近
23.just go straight 仅径直走
24.turn left/right 向左转/右转
25.down Bridge Street 沿着Bridge大街走
26.on the right /left of 在…右边/左边
27.off the busy street 离开这个繁华的街路
28.enjoy the city’s quiet streets 置身于城市中寂静的街路
29.take a walk through the park 步行穿越公园
30.a small house with 一个附带着…的小房子
31.[at] the beginning of the garden tour 游园开始
32.a good place to 一个…的好去处
33.have fun 玩得高兴
34.if you’re hungry如果你饿了
35.buy some food 买一些食物
36.arrive at/in/on 到达(小地点/大地点/岛屿或现场)
37.tell you the way to告诉你去…的路
38.take a taxi from+地点 从…打车
39.pass a bank on your right 你的右边路过一个银行
40.turn left at New Park 在New Park处向左转
41.go through 穿过
42.have a good trip [to] 一路顺风
43.kind of 有点儿(副词词组,修饰形容词、动词)
44.want to +动词原形 想要做某事[She wants to have supper.]
45.want +名词 想要某件东西[She wants an apple.]
46.  let’s see (let’s=let us) 让我们一起去看看
47.  in South Africa / Europe 在南非/在欧洲(地名前不加冠词)
48.other animals其它的动物
49.be friendly to 对…友好
50.five years old 五岁(a five-year-old boy 一个五岁男孩)
51.be quiet 安静
52.during the day 在白天(强调整个期间)
53.at night在晚上
54.get up 起床
55.relaxes 20 hours every day 每天轻松20个小时
56.eat grass/leaves 吃草/树叶
57.shop assistant 商店服务员
58.bank clerk 银行职员
59.want to be 想要成为…
60. A+as well as+B 与…同样好(谓语动词要随A的人称、数而变化)
61.work with/for与…一起工作/为…而工作
62.give sb. sth./give sth. to sb. 把…给谁
63.get sth. from sb. 从…那获取
64.wear a white uniform 穿着白色制服
65.help sb. (to) do 帮助…去做
66.in the day/at night 在白天/在晚上(强调某一点)
67.work late/hard 工作很晚/很努力
68.be busy doing 忙于做…
69.go out to dinners 出去就餐
70.like taking to people 喜欢与人交谈
71.ask questions 问问题
72.at/in the(a) hospital 在医院里
73.a newspaper reporter 一位新闻记者
74.a table for (two) (两)人一桌
75.police station 派出所
76.TV station 电视台
77.police officer 警官
78.the answer to ……的答案
79.have a job for you as a … 这有一个给你准备好的….
80.call Al’s Restaurant at 打电话…给Al餐馆
81.write stories/ a story 写文章/故事
82.want to be in the school play 在校本剧中扮演角色
83.a busy but exciting job 繁忙而又兴奋的工作
84.the Evening Newspaper 晚报
85.help wanted 急聘
86.an international school 一所国际学校
87.for children of 5-12 为五至十二岁孩子准备的
88.want a PE teacher to teach 需要一位教体育的教师
89.a movie actor /an actor一位电影演员
90.talk on the phone 在电话中交谈
91.go to the movies 去看电影
92.sound good 听起来不错
93.wait for 等候
94.talk about 谈论
95.some of my photos 我的一些照片
96.in the first photo在第一幅照片中
97.at the pool 在水池
98.be with 和….在一些
99.need a camera 需要一台相机
100.How is the weather?=What is the weather like?天气怎么样?
101.pretty good 非常好
102.too terrible 太糟糕了
103.How is it going? 过得怎么样?
104.join CCTV’s Around The World show 参加央视坏球节目
105.on vacation 度假
106.take a photos/photos of 给…照相
107.lie on the beach 躺在沙滩上
108.this group of people 这群人
109.look cool/tired 看起来很酷/累[look相当于be 动词,接形容词]
110.be surprised at +名词/ be surprised to + 动词 因…而感到惊讶
111.in this heat 在这样热的天气
112.a very interesting place 一个非常有趣的地方
113.have a good time 度过美好的时光
114.look for/like 寻找/看起来像
115.ask for 请求
116.hope to do 希望做某事
117.in order to +动词 为了….而做
118.improve my English 提高我的英语能力
119.found unit 9 to be the most interesting 发现9单元最有趣
120.short /curly hair 短/卷发
121.a medium build/height 中等身材/中等身高
122.a new friend in Class Five 五班的一位新朋友
123.the captain of the basketball team 篮球队长
124.a little bit quiet 有点内向
125.love to do/doing 喜欢做某事(强调发自于内心的)
126.tell jokes 讲笑话
127.stop doing 表示停下来动名词(doing)的动作
l  He stopped smoking. 他停止(不再)吸烟.
128.stop to do 表”停下”其他事情,去做不定式(to)的动作
l  He stopped to smoke. 他停下来(停下手)来吸烟.
129.play chess 下棋
130.remember to do 记着即将要做的事
(You must remember to turn off the lights before leaving.)
131.remember doing 记着已经做过的事
(I remembered finishing my homework.)
132.a pop singer with funny glasses 一位戴着滑稽眼镜的流行歌手
133.have/has a new look 换个新面孔
134.wear glasses 戴眼镜
135.go shopping 去商店(=go to the shop/do some shopping)
136.a tall kid with short hair 一个高个子短发男孩
137.nobody knows me 没有人认识我[不定代词用单数]
138.draw pictures on the blackboard 在黑板上画画
139.speak a little Chinese 说一点
140.would like + n. [I would like some noodles.]
141.would like + to do [I would like to have some noodles.]
142.a medium bowl of (noodles) 一个中碗(面条)
143.some +不可数名词[mutton, beef] 一些….
144.some+可数名词[strawberries, oranges] 一些….
145.what size bowl of… 多大碗…
146.what kind of… 哪种…
147.at the house of dumplings在饺子馆
148.some great specials一些特价
149.just RMB10 for 15  15个仅卖10元