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  1. Of the two brothers, Bill is___________ younger one, and he is a quiet boy, __________ that most adults like very much.
  A. a; one B. a; the one C. the; one D. the; the one
  2. __________ most efficient way to understand thousands of new words is to gain __________ good knowledge of basic word formation.
  A. A; a B. The; / C. A; the D. The; the
  3. —I wonder if you could go with me to the supermarket.
  —Don’t disturb me. I __________ my experiment report all the morning and haven’t finished yet.
  A. write B. was writing C. have written D. have been writing
  4. They __________ to come to the lecture on time, but they were late again.
  A. meant B. had meant C. means D. have meant
  5. If you visited this part of our city this month, you would be amazed to see many old buildings
  __________ down to make way for low-rent houses.
  A. are pulling B. were pulling C. are being pulled D. were being pulled
  6. Expensive as energy-saving cars are__________, the development of this kind of car has become a tendency.
  A. made B. to make C. to be making D. being made
  7.__________ twice a year, whether it is a car or bus or truck, is the rule that every driver must obey in this city.
  A. Examining B. Examined C. Having examined D. Being examined
  8. __________ with crisis, we did not shrink from challenge—we overcame it.
  A. Faced B. To face C. Having faced D. Facing
  9. The teacher is absorbed in writing something, only__________ now and then to refer to a book or another.
  A. stopping B. stopped C. to stop D. having stopped
  10. Facts prove that the world’s economic development is not a win-lose game but one in which all __________ be winners.
  A. shall B. can C. must D. will
  11. In the document, it says that all goods __________ be shipped over before the due day.
  A. may B. can C. will D. shall
  12. What surprised me most was that Peter, my best friend, __________ have betrayed me.
  A. would B. could C. should D. might
  13. —I wish I __________ away that reading list.
  —I thought you might regret it, that’s why I picked it up from the waste basket.
  A. hadn’t thrown B. didn’t throw C. wouldn’t throw D. shouldn’t throw
  14. Our English teacher requested that the homework __________ be handed in tomorrow.
  A. would B. will C. should D. must
  15. __________about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research.
 A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple
  C. How curious the couple were D. How curious the couple were
  16. With more forests being destroyed, huge quantities of good earth __________ away each year.
  A. is washing B. is being washed C. are washing D. are being washed
  17. Is this the reason __________ he explained at the meeting for his carelessness in his work?
  A. why B. which C. what D. how
  18. Canada has one-third of the world’s total fresh water, much of __________ is in the Great Lakes.
  A. it B. that C. what D. which
  19. __________ leave the room last ought to make sure that the windows are closed and the door locked.
  A. Who B. Whoever C. Those who D. No matter who
  20. Whenever a natural disaster happens, we should offer__________ help we could to those victims.
  A. whatever B. what C. which D. whichever
  21. The Prime Minister expressed the wish __________ both sides seize the present opportunity to promote high-level exchanges.
  A. what B. that C. which D. why
  22. —Do you think it wise for Chinese mothers to try to do everything for their children?
  —No, that’s __________they are mistaken.
  A. where B. when C. in which D. what
  23. —What should I wear for the party?
  —It’s an informal one; it doesn’t matter ______ you’re dressed.
  A. what B. when C. how D. whether
  24. You can’t push anyone up a ladder __________he knows he can climb himself.
  A. if B. because C. when D. unless
  25. __________I admit that there are problems, I don’t think that they cannot be solved.
  A. Until B. If C. Unless D. While
  26. How can you learn anything __________you spend all your time playing around?
  A. until B. when C. as if D. though
  27. Jessica has always been honest and straightforward, and it doesn’t matter __________ she’s talking to.
  A. that who is it B. that it is who C. who it is that D. it is whom that
  28. So far all cloned animals have suffered from some different serious disorders, many of
  __________ dying soon after birth.
  A. them B. whom C. which D. that
  29. __________ my daughter, I wouldn’t allow her to go to travel in the forest alone.
  A. She were B. If she is C. Were she D. Should be
  30. —You look pale, Jim. What’s the matter?
  —Oh, I stayed up late last night. Nothing wrong with me,__________ .
  A. anyway B. though C. yet D. still
  31. It is such a good place __________ everybody wants to visit__________it is well-known all over the world.
  A. which; that B. as; as C. that; as D. as; that
  32. So fast __________that few audience could follow him.
  A. spoke the professor B. the professor spoke
  C. did the professor speak D. the professor did speak
  33. —Do you have to wear our school uniforms tomorrow?
  —I think so. We __________ the coming-of-age ceremony in the afternoon.
  A. will be attending B. have attended C. attend D. attended
1. C。句意为“在这两兄弟中,Bill是小的那个,他很安静,大人们都很喜欢他”。“两兄弟中年龄小的那个”是特指,所以第一空填定冠词the。后一空是a quiet boy的同位语,意为“大人们都喜欢的一个孩子”。文静的、大人们喜欢的孩子有很多,他是其中之一,所以是泛指,填不定代词one。
  2. A。句意为“理解大量生词的有效方法是掌握基本的构词法”。第一空既可以填the,表示“最有效的方法”,也可以填a,表示“最有效的方法之一”。gain a good knowledge of是固定搭配,意为“熟知、懂得”,所以第二空填a,答案只能选A。
  3. D。回答者说:“别打扰我,我一上午都在写实验报告,到现在还没完成。”可见他“现在仍在写”,所以谓语动词write应该用现在完成进行时,表示“过去到现在一直在写”。
  4. B。句意为“他们本打算准时出席演讲,但还是迟到了”。mean后接动词不定式意为“想要、打算做某事”,“打算准时出席”是在“迟到”之前发生的,“迟到”用了一般过去时,“打算”应该用过去完成时,选B。
  5. C。句意为“如果你这个月来我市的这一地区参观,会惊讶地发现不少老房子被拆了,为廉租房腾出空地”。if引导对“现在”进行虚拟的从句,“来参观”是虚拟的,但“老房子被拆”是事实,不是虚拟,所以用现在时,且老房子是被拆的,用被动语态,所以选C。
  6. B。句意为“虽然节能汽车造价昂贵,但发展这类汽车已成趋势”。前半句是一个倒装的从句,正常的语序是As energy-saving cars are expensive to 。虽然make与cars是被动关系,但不定式在作表语的形容词后,通常用主动形式,所以选B。
  7. D。句意为“不论是轿车、大巴车还是卡车,一年检查两次是城里每个驾驶员必须遵守的规定”。动词examine与car, bus, truck是被动关系,所以要用被动形式。又由于主句 twice a year is the rule that every driver must obey in this city缺少主语,所以答案选D,用被动式的动名词being examined作主语。
  8. A。句意为“面临危机,我们没有在挑战面前退缩,而是克服了它”。虽然面对危机的是“我们”,但答案是A不是D。因为 with crisis是Though we were faced with crisis的省略形式,过去分词短语faced with crisis在句中作状语。如果要选D,则还要省略with,因为face是及物动词,后面直接跟宾语,不需要介词连接。
  9. A。句意为“老师全神贯注地写着东西,只间或停下来参阅书籍”。句中缺少状语,“停下”这个动作发生在“写作”过程中,且与老师是主动关系,所以用现在分词,选A。
  10. B。句意为“事实证明,世界经济发展不是一个非赢即输的游戏,而是一个可以共赢的游戏”。shall和will表示某人应尽的义务,不符合句意。表示推测时,must意为“一定、肯定”,can意为“应该、可能”,这里用can更恰当。