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________ snacks and drinks.but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. 
A.Not only they brought B.Not only did they bring 
C.Not only brought they D.Not only they did bring 
【答案及解析】 B not only…but also连接两个并列句,当not only提到句首时。此句要部分倒装,即把助动词提到主语前,故答案选B。 
Why! I have nothing to confess.________you want me to say? 
A.What is it that B.What it is that 
C.How is it that D.How it is that 
【答案及解析】 A此句为对被强调部分提问的疑问句,根据疑问语序,排除B、D。what做say的宾语,而how不行,因此答案选A。 
Turn on the television or open a magazine and you ________advertisements showing happy families. 
A.will often see B. often sees 
C. are often seeing D. have often seen 
【答案及解析】A 考查特殊句式:祈使句 + 连词and/but +主语 + will 结构 
It was only with the help of the local guide________. 
A. was the mountain climber rescued 
B. that the mountain climber was rescued. 
C. when the mountain climber was rescued. 
D. then the mountain climber was rescued. 
【答案及解析】B 强调句型。 
The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once _________with each other. 
A. they had quarreled B. they have quarreled 
C. have they quarreled D. had they quarreled 
【答案及解析】C 时态与倒装。 
It is the poisonous products _________can cause the symptoms of the flu, such as headache and aching muscles. 
A. who B. that C. how D. what 
【答案及解析】 B 对于强调句的判断:将It be和后面的空白同时去掉,看剩下的部分是否还能构成一个句子,若句子成立,则原句子为强调句;若不能成立,则为其他句型。 
If you want for help—money or anything, let me know, ________you? 
A. don’t B. will C. shall D. do 
【答案及解析】B let me know 为祈使句,故用B项。 
It was because of bad weather ________the football match had to be put off. 
A. so B. so that C. why D. that 
【答案及解析】D 强调句型,对原因状语进行强调。 
Don’t be discouraged. ________things as they are and you will enjoy every day of you life. 
A. Taking B. To take C. Take D. Taken 
【答案及解析】C 考查结构:祈使句 +and/but +简单句结构。 
Only in this way ________to make improvement in the operating system. 
A.you can hope B.you did hope C.can you hope D.did you hope 
I feel it is your husband who ________for the spoiled child. 
A.is to blame B.is going to blame 
C.is to be blamed D.should blame 
【答案及解析】 A be to blame是固定短语。这是一个强调旬,强调主语your husband。译文:我感觉惯坏孩子该怨你的丈夫。 
Mrs. Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera, _________? 
A.is he B.isn’t he C.doesn’t she D.does she 
【答案及解析】D 反意疑问句一般依主句而定,但当宾语主从复合句中的主句同时满足下列条件时,疑问部分的主语、谓语依从句而定,疑问部分用肯定还是否定则由主句而定:(1)主语为第一人称;(2)谓语动词为:think,suppose, believe,imagine,consider,guess;(3)谓语为一般现在时;(4)谓语动词无任何修饰成分。 
真题24(2002上海卷32) ‘ 
--You forgot your purse when you went out. 
--Good heavens,________. 
A.so did I B.so I did C.I did so D.I so did 
【答案及解析】 B“SO+正装句”的意思是“是的”,表示同意别人所说的话。所提供的情境Good heavens说明自己确实在出门时忘了带钱包,所以回答说: “so I did.”。 
________be sent to work there? 
A.Who do you suggest B.Who do you suggest that should 
C.Do you suggest who should D.Do you suggest whom should 
【答案及解析】 A对宾语从句中某部分提问而构成特殊疑问句时:(1)特殊疑问词必须置于句首;(2)主句用疑问语序,而从句用陈述语序。当主句中的谓语动词是suggest时,宾语从句用虚拟语气。这是一个Who引导的特殊疑问句。Who对宾语从句中的主语提问。suggest后接宾语从句时,从句的谓语动词要用should do sth./be done或do/be done。由于这道题既考查了词序,又考查了suggest在特殊疑问句中的用法,增大了试题的难度系数。做这样的题目时,可以假设宾语从句的主语,先写出其陈述句,再对其主语提问,如:I suggest Mr. Smith be sent to work there.对Mr. Smith提问:Who do you suggest be sent to work there? 答案选A。 
________role she played in the film! No wonder she has won an Oscar. 
A.How interesting B.How an interesting 
C.What interesting D.What an interesting 
【答案及解析】 D将感叹句转换为陈述句:She played an interesting role in the film.根据感叹句的构成规则,答案选D。 
Brian told you that there wasn’t anyone in the loom at that time,________? 
A.was there B.wasn’t there C.didn’t he D.did he 
【答案及解析】C 这是一个反意疑问句。主语是Brian,所以要填didn’t he一些考生受“当主语是第一人称,谓语动词是think,suppose等动词时,反意疑问句要根据从句的谓语动词来确定”规则的影响,误填了was there。 
Since you have repaired my TV set,________is no need for me to buy a new one. 
A.it B.there C.this D.that 
【答案及解析】 B There be no+名词,这一句型表示“没有必要……”。译文:因为你已经为我修好了电视机,所以我没有必要再买新的了。 
Not only ________interested in football but ________beginning to show an interest in it. 
A.the teacher himself is;all his students are 
B.the teacher himself is;are all his students 
C.is the teacher himself;are all his students 
D.is the teacher himself;all his students are 
【答案及解析】D not only...but…引导的句子要用倒装。译文:不仅老师对足球感兴趣,学生们也开始对足球感兴趣了。 
So difficult ________it to live in an English.speaking country that I determined to learn English well. 
A.I have felt B.have I felt C.I did feel D.did I feel 
【答案及解析】D以“so+形容词”开头的句子要倒装。此句变为不倒装句为:I felt it so difficult to live in an English—speaking country that I determined to learn English well.译文:在一个说英语的国家里生活那么困难,我决定学习英语。 
I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer,________? 
A. do I B.don’t I C.will they D.won’t they 
【答案及解析】 C这是一个反意疑问句。当主句的谓语动词是think, suppose等,且主语是第一人称时,反意疑问句要根据从句的谓语动词来确定。这是一个否定句,所以要用肯定形式。译文:我不认为有人会当志愿者,是不是? 
Fishing is his favorite hobby,and ________. 
A.he’d like to collect coins as well 
B.he feels like collecting coins.too 
C.to collect coins is also his hobby 
D.collecting coins also gives him great pleasure 
【答案及解析】 D这一题单从语法角度考虑的话,A、B、c、D四个选项都合适;但从修辞角度考虑,and连接并列的两个句子应当平行和对称,那么,只有选项D正确。 
________can you expect to get a pay rise. 
A.With hard work B.Although work hard 
C.Only with hard work D.Now that he works hard 
【答案及解析】 C only+介词短语(副词、状语从句)+部分倒装。 
It was for this reason ________her uncle moved out of New York and settled down in a small village. 
A.which B. why C.that D.how 
【答案及解析】C这是一个强调句。对for this reason进行强调,强调句型要强调句子的某一部分(通常是主语、状语、宾语)。句型的结构:It is(was)+被强调部分+that+句子的其余部分。译文:正是为了这个理由,她叔叔搬到了纽约,在一个小村庄定居下来。 
Only when the war was over ________to his hometown. 
A.did the young soldier return B.the young soldier returned 
C.returned the young soldier D.the young soldier did return 
【答案及解析】 A only+状语或状语从句作状语时主句要用倒装。本句是only+时间状语从句,所以后接的主句要倒装。译文:直到战争结束后,这个年轻的战士才得以返回故乡。答案为A。 
It is the ability to do the job ________matters not where you come from or what you are. 
A.one B.that C.what D.it 
【答案及解析】B这是强调句,对主语the ability to do the job进行强调。 
The flews that they failed their driving test discouraged him,________? 
A.did they B.didn’t they C.did it D.didn’t it 
【答案及解析】D that引导同位语从句,news为不可数名词。 
Not a single song __________at yesterday’s party. 
A. she sang B. sang she C.did she sing D.she did sing 
【答案及解析】 C句首为否定意义的宾语时,该句的谓语要部分倒装。 
An awful accident ________,however,occur the other day. 
A.does B.did C.has to D.had to 
【答案及解析】 B这是一个对谓语强调的句子。时间状语the other d。y表过去,所以要用一般过去时。 
I finally got the job I dreamed about.Never in all my life _________so happy! 
A.did I feel B.I felt C.I had felt D.had I felt 
________some of this juice—perhaps you’11 like it. 
A.Trying B.Try C.To try D.Have tried 
【答案及解析】 B这是一个祈使句,所以要用动词原形。